View Full Version : What are things that you like to write about?

25-11-15, 00:27
What are things that you write?
Also, what are things that you like to write about?

I like to write in a journal for the most part. I sometimes like to write my thoughts on a separate sheet of paper. Every now and then, I like to write fiction and poetry.

21-12-15, 18:59
I write poetry (I've had a collection of poetry and short prose published) mainly, but I'm also working on a novel (thriller). :)

Sam Winter
21-12-15, 19:11
i like to write stories and overall just my experiences, i'm in the midst of starting a blog and i like to write poetry now and then, it all keeps me busy lol :D
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22-06-16, 01:13
I write stories with experiences an example I work in Accident and Emergency at my local hospital as a volunteer who keeps patients happy. So my current story is about staff that are working there and have based characters on footballer players from my favourite team but given them different names xx

22-06-16, 02:33
I like ti fictionalize things that I've been through. Things that I know about.


03-01-17, 19:22
about history of our country