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26-11-15, 12:31
Am I alone on here?

Struggling with agoraphobia and parenting. Just the day to day of getting to school/nursery/the park.

Anyone out there with advice? Did you tell school about your problems?

Feeling very much alone with this, my partner works full time and I'm struggling. GP no help, another 6 months wait for CBT. I'm using the Claire Weeks CD but it's making those first steps..and keeping up with recovery.


06-12-15, 14:49
I feel for you. It adds a new level to anxiety when you have to be responsible for kids. Mine regularly provide me with anxious moments.

I have found that it is generally good to let key people know about your anxiety. That way you end up with someone who understands if you are feeling a bit bad.

Stick with Claire Weekes and keep pushing. I hope it gets easier for you.

17-12-15, 23:41
Thanks James,

I don't tell anyone about my anxiety...I guess I need to start but I'm so embarrassed. I used to be very outgoing.

20-12-15, 20:39
Your not alone. I had s panic atta k on the way to parent teacher meetings. I sat in the car and cried while my husband went in. Just steeping foot in her school sets me off. It's so big and so many kids running around. Makes me feel even worse for being okay with sending her there. Her teacher knows of my anxiety and seems understanding. Also I try to explain it to my 6 yr old and she somewhat understand. Mommy gets silly sometimes and has to stay back. Prayers to you and hope you feel better.

24-12-15, 18:30
Thanks Misslove,

I really appreciate your reply. x

02-02-16, 12:13
I'm not a parent but my mum was agoraphobic when I was young and I ended up getting it when I was the same as she was back then. At her worst she couldn't take me to school, she couldn't even make it to the front door. My papa had to take me to school most days when she was at that stage. She got through it with meds and taking baby steps. She didn't inform the school but if you are friendly with the teachers then I would maybe mention it if you are comfortable talking about it. Deffo stick with the Claire Weekes books and audio tapes. They were my life saver. Those books got me out of being housebound, not meds or therapy. Good luck xx