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19-02-07, 02:14
Couldn't leave you out!

CLICK ME (http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/1/22/678079/Piglet.mp3)

You need Quicktime installed. I hope you have it,
if not, install it if it asks you to. Its perfectly safe!

19-02-07, 02:19
You said you weren't that old Ross - you'd need a 78 for this :)


19-02-07, 02:24
You said you weren't that old Ross - you'd need a 78 for this :)


Funnily enough, I had to rip this from WAV format! (and yes I know 78's are well before digital even existed) but thats putting it into my terminology.

Bless progress. If it weren't for advancements in technology, I would be looking at this screen in green and black! (now I do remember those monitors) CGA was so wonderful at the time!

19-02-07, 02:33
Gimme a commodre PET anyday rather than this new computer malarky.


19-02-07, 12:15
:roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:

My very own song which actually also made me :emot-crying:

Apart from not being small and more beige than pink (except my clothes which are totally piglet pink) and a girl, I really really am piglet!! I cried when he sang about being needed and helpful. :o

While you on the other hand are all Pooh!!!! :sign20:

Love Piglet :)

20-02-07, 12:59
Piglet, just on the site for the first time since it changed and saw your picture. Class!!!! How the hell did you get a Piglet eating Pringles????????

20-02-07, 13:35
Yes Trev - you see haven't I been telling you for ages how clever I am. I designed it all myself on the computer after Nic set me the challange!!:whistles:

:lac: :lac: :lac:

Piglet feels terribly ashamed of this lie and feels bigger powers might be watching her and decides to come clean!!

RossinBristol designed it specially for me :sign20: .

What you can't read the name - aww shame!! Not to worry though eh!! :laugh:

Love Piglet

20-02-07, 14:46
I thought there might be help involved along the line!!

I'm completely knackered now............I've gone back to "Intermediate Member" for some reason, I can't see any of the smily face bits to put in and I haven't got a picture next to my name.............apart from that I've got the hang of the new site, no worries mate!!

20-02-07, 14:58
It's weird isn't it getting used to our new clubhouse!! :)

You can get yourself an avatar by clickin on CP user and clicking edit avatar, where you can then choose from about 8 pages or more of them. Or like alot of people are doing get one from a site and download it to Nic, who will then add it to the list.

What will you choose hun - can you get one of a bloke in a leotard spitting rolos, doing yoga??:emot-dance:

Also if you click post reply, or the advanced button to reply to a post you get emoticons on the lefthand side to choose from!!

There are way way too many buttons for me to explore and as such I have been on here a ridiculous amount of hours since Saturday :o

Piglet xx

21-02-07, 08:55
Cheers Piglet, thanks for the help. Now we're cooking.

Picture of silly cat.....check :D
Smily things to play with.....check :D :emot-partyblower: :wistupid: :emot-rolleyes: :sofa: :yahoo: :dribble: :yesyes: :footy: :roflmao: :madness: :sign20: :emot-giggle: :cloud9: :emot-whistle: :whistles: :shrug: :emot-dance: :flowers: :noangel: :happy: :shades: :wtf1: :yellowcard: :yellowcard: :redcard: :ban:
Intermediate member.......who cares? :D
Picture of me in leopard skin leotard ready to give to Nic.......check:w00t2:

Happy days........

21-02-07, 09:51
I laughed when I saw your avatar hun, cos if I hadn't gotten my piglet one that is the exact one I would have chosen - when I saw it at the weekend I said to the piglets wouldn't it make a fab background picture on the comp - how can you not crack up when you see it.

So very good choice my friend:D

I too lost over 500 post counts in the move (I think it's cos any threads that I had posts on that ever got deleted on the old site didn't transfer to this site - if that makes sense) this happened to lots, so I think many people have had a new status change.

I had fun playing with all the smilies too and I also got to go on a test thread and swear along with Sax and Ross - Sax of course got carried away and I even got an automatic complaint to deal with - that was all about me!!:mad: So I sent myself a big apology and promised myself not to behave like that again! :p

Piglet x