View Full Version : Colonoscopy today at 3.45 - Panicking!

01-12-15, 10:43
Hi everyone,

I'm a 31 year old female.

I am going for the above later today and am literally and metaphorically sh*tting myself!

I'm so worried its bowel cancer. I have all the symptoms including positive fob test, tummy ache and change in bowel habits. Had blood tests and fecal calprotectin at my GPs which were normal (albeit high end of normal - 44 for the calprotectin). Due to this the GP would only do a non-urgent referral to the gastro (6 weeks)

However me being me I decided I couldn't wait this long and booked a private colonoscopy (today).

I'm not even particularly worried about the procedure - just what they will find :-( In a right state.

02-12-15, 05:43
Just wondering how it all went.

02-12-15, 11:18
Hi hopeful,

Thanks for your message. It was ok, thank goodness. Nothing abnormal found apart from hemmorhoids (sp?)

I know it sounds odd but I actually quite enjoyed the procedure - it didn't hurt at all and for the first time in months I was completely relaxed due to the drugs they gave me!

Big relief.


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Hi again,

I see you are scheduled for this procedure. Please don't worry. It didn't hurt a bit and I literally had every symptom of bowel cancer and it turned out to be nothing! I'm sure you will be just fine xxx

29-03-16, 16:02

Just seen your post and I'm glad everything went well.

May I ask, how much was it going private?

What did the doctor say regarding your symptoms? Why do you have them?

Sorry to ask so many question xx

08-08-16, 15:30
Same question - how did you go Private as I would like too also

Thanks in advance