View Full Version : Clear Colonoscopy but still worrying! Seriously!

07-12-15, 17:22
Can anyone offer any advice? I had a colonoscopy, and the doctor said internal hemmeroids and a little diverticulitis. Anyway, I was totally relieved, but I've started having blood again when I go, and believe it or not, I am worrying again. It is so crazy for me, as having a complete colonoscopy and hearing a dr. say it is fine just doesn't seem to override this stupid health anxiety. Has anyone experienced this? Any advice would be appreciated.

07-12-15, 17:24
I'm sorry you are still so worried. A colonoscopy woul dhave brought back anything sinister. Bowel cancer is slow growing too, so if they saw anything to worry about, then you would be the first to know. May I ask, do you drink a lot of alcohol? I ask as since I stopped, so has the bleeding for me

07-12-15, 17:34
I don't drink a lot of alcohol at all really, but I do not drink enough water for sure. I started today drinking more water, and hoping that helps. Do you have rectal bleeding often?

07-12-15, 21:31
I used to. Haven't had it for a while. It was awful - it used to pour out when I sat on the toilet.

07-12-15, 21:43
the doctor said internal hemmeroids and a little diverticulitis.

Your results were clear and free of anything sinister. You have hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids sometimes bleed. Not much that you can do about it other than stay hydrated and perhaps use a stool softener. Constipation/hard poo can cause the hemorrhoids to bleed.

Positive thoughts

07-12-15, 22:23
Eat roughage

07-12-15, 22:41
diverticulitis can cause bleeding as well

07-12-15, 22:45
The bleeding is the hemorrhoids.

As already mentioned, there are things that can make things better and easier for you - increase your fruit/veg/fiber intake, drink LOTS of water to help soften and move stools along (and easier to pass) and increased movement and exercise will help keep your bowels moving.

As regards the here and now, there are products your can buy for internal hemorrhoids which are very effective - suppositories that help heal them (though I am not sure what you have available in Canada) You can also use some hemorrhoid cream around the anus, which may help with any possible external bleeding.

I also suffer from internal hemorrhoids and soreness when passing stool on occasion, and find both these things very helpful.

Good luck! x:)

07-12-15, 23:16
The blood is probably bright red/pinky which should put your mind at ease.