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08-12-15, 01:29
Hi everyone
I havn't posted on here for some time but I have a question.

I have been suffering headache/pains etc for several weeks. Have been to the doctor numerous times. They seem to think combination of sinus, muscular and tension. However, I suffer extreme health anxiety and have convinced myself brain tumor! My doctor suggested I get an MRI at least for peace of mind. Thing is, I'm really nervous of having one. I had one a couple years back and I can't say it was my most favourite thing. I know I'll have it though and hopefully nothing bad shows up.

I just wondered if anyone had any advice on best way to handle it when your anxiety is sky high lol. I don't want to take any medication.

thanks everyone xx

08-12-15, 02:02
How long does the MRI take?

08-12-15, 02:19
I'm not sure. I know the other one I had was and MRI of the shoulder and neck and that took about 30 mins. Not sure how long this one will take. I'll ask when I ring up and book the appointment.

14-12-15, 06:14
Hi guys

Just an update. I had the MRI which was not as bad as I thought. It was done in about 15 mins.
I received my results which I am worried about. It came back no tumour (which was great news) however, it did say High Signal Intensities in white matter. My doc said this is really spots that show up. She said it could very well be nothing but these kind of results do show up in MS (although my results did say not MS) and migraine sufferers.
I just wondered if anyone else had received results from an MRI like this and if so, what was the outcome?
Thanks in advance guys xx