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21-12-15, 13:15
Hi Friends,

I have just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after years of weird hypersensitive skin and aching pains, tiredness, etc. I have to have a blood test in Jan just to rule out anything else, but Fibro is the suspicion.

I am on 10mg Escitalopram daily for my depression and GAD, and my GP had just prescribed Amitryptiline 25mg for the Fibromyalgia. He assured me that it 'should not' interact with the Escitalopram, but having done a bit of research about it, I am a bit worried about interactions.....I am just not chuffed about the prospect of taking 2 antidepressants either.

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of situation/meds?

Any advice is appreciated. xxxx :flowers:

22-12-15, 01:21
Nobody??????? Jeez.:shrug:

22-12-15, 12:21
Hi debs,

Some of the meds boards are very quiet thesedays. There doesn't seem to be many people on amitriptyline. The board for my med is deathly quiet so I ended up seeking advice & support on the Ven board as it's the same drug class.

Yes, I see what you mean here. There is a Major drug interaction for Serotonin Syndrome so it's bound to be a worry. However, what you perhaps need to remember is that this warning exists for everyone cross-tapering too. There are also other people on here taking combinations of same class meds.

I would imagine this is going to be a case of dosage. The more it goes up, the greater the risk. However, as long as you are aware of the warning signs and you GP is regularily reviewing how you are responding to them, perhaps it's not so much a risk?

Do you think some of this is the usual dance with anxiety in that any change to meds is a big worry? after all, it's a flick of the pen to a GP but we know the real issues we can face with any of these meds.

What are your other options? What do people with fibro use? Have you thought about having a look on one of the Fibro forums on the internet? I've only looked on those forums a few times when searching for things and found they are always talking about anxiety & depression.

There are other people on here who take combinations of meds, some in the same class like yours. They may not see this thread but you could try raising a more general title about combining anti d's in the Meds main board section and see who bites?