View Full Version : Dont worry about your colonoscopy

26-12-15, 18:40
Just wanted to make a quick post to reassure anyone with a colonoscopy coming up. I had one on the 23rd Dec (early xmas present :D)

The "worst" bit was the prep beforehand. Not eating properly meant I had a stinking headache, plus the "picolax" was pretty unpleasant. Just dont go out and stay close to the toilet.

The procedure itself was a breeze ... esp with the sedation. No pain, and I was so relaxed, I almost nodded off a couple of times during.

Afterward felt a bit "drunk", but didnt cause any panic. Felt 100% the following day.

Honestly its not something to worry about.

Hope that helps anyone.

Cheers & merry christmas!

28-12-15, 18:56
Thanks for posting a positive story about this procedure, hopefully it will help anyone who is concerned about having this done. :)

04-01-16, 18:56
I totally agree. The worst part is the prep although I had a family birthday party that I had to make an appearance at, and I even managed to go the night before and enjoy my tea. The procedure itself is nothing, honestly. I'd go for one right now. No pain, quick, instant results and the sedative makes it seem like it takes 2 minutes. You will be surprised at how easy the test is. The day before is certainly not fun, but it is one day. I watched a lot of movies.