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30-12-15, 04:14
Hi everyone I've been suffering with HA ever since the birth of my 2nd baby who is 10 months now. It's been a whirlwind for me and its makes me upset that I am like this bc of my kids.

Let me start with about 2 weeks ago, my left leg got sore along with lower back pain ,so I went to the doctor who said it was sciatica and gave me meds along with some X-rays that showed degenerative disc disease. He then referred me to an orthopedic doctor who I see soon. My lower back, buttock, upper thigh are sore. The med takes the edge off. Lately, I've noticed that my hips left & right are sore! Along with my pelvis (basically around my waistline) is sore almost like my skinny jeans are way tight..but it never bothered me before. I lift my 3 & 1 almost yr old up along with a heavy diaper bag and car seat on a daily basis. My rational side is telling me I need to see a chiro and get a massage, but ha kicks in and I think is it kidney...ovary...pancreas related and I go crazy with Google which doesn't help.

Has anyone experienced sore/achy hips and pelvis area with lifting your children?

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Anyone ?

30-12-15, 14:05
Hi there, I am currently suffering with lower back pain, sore hips and pelvic pain. My pain was so bad the other day I could barley walk. I went to the doctors yesterday and he said it was bad back strain. I am a healthcare worker in the community so do alot of moving and handling, bending, stretching you name it. I think I hurt my back whilst working, the dr advised to refrain from any physical activity for a couple of weeks and prescribed codiene phosphate for the pain and he said it should settle down. I have never felt pain like it it was awful, hope yours eases soon x

02-01-16, 23:54
Thank you for the reply. Did you have pain around your pubic area as well? Like your whole pelvis? It feels like my hips are off

15-01-16, 16:41
I am dealing with something similar. I get terrible pains down my legs and hips (which we are guessing is sciatica), but it's particularly bad during my period. But last month my period was extremely heavy...right now I'm in the 2nd week of my BC pack and I am experiencing the sciatic pain, along with extreme pelvic and lower back pain. I do have ovarian cysts, but this seems a little more painful than normal. I've tried calling my doctor, but they will not get me in for a month! UGH!!! I'm starting to get concerned it could be something more serious....

07-02-16, 19:21
wow I feel your pain!! I also have never felt so bad since the birth of my daughter 6 months ago, maybe its just the way things have come back together after birth. I do too feel like things are just out of place! hope you are feeling better!