View Full Version : First sigmoidoscopy in a few weeks - petrified!!

06-01-16, 22:46
Hey there,

I went to my first gastroenterology appointment after four and a half years of symptoms which included constipation, frequent bowel movements, rectal pain, abdominal pain, constant gas, incomplete evacuation, nausea etc. (as well as one bm which seemed to be just blood but not 100% sure what that was).

The hospital I was at seemed nerve wracking as the appt was running 50 mins late and there was so many people I was on edge but the nurse seemed nice enough. She's decided that after four years of symptoms of 'suspected IBS', she recommends that I have a flexible sigmoidoscopy, if only at the very least because my brother has UC (let alone my ongoing concerns about having BC). Although I definitely haven't had any symptoms to the level of severity he had, I have had a couple of previous doctors mention that 'perhaps' I had borderline colitis or something (despite years of being told I most likely have IBS) so who knows.

Anyway, my main concern going in was bowel cancer (obviously because I am completely paranoid and was convinced I have it!!), which they didn't completely poo-poo, but she said at 30 it's unlikely (she said symptoms can be pretty variable and generally would likely be more extreme after 4 years or I'd not be around anymore, which I wish would put my mind at rest but it hasn't).

Anyone have any advice for me? I know a lot of people have had sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy here so it'd be good to get an idea of what to expect. She's allowed me to have the sigmoidoscopy instead of a colonoscopy as atm I live in shared accommodation and can't really use the bathroom constantly with other people in the house at all times. So she's suggested I take an enema or two when I get to the hospital before the procedure, of which I am welcome to be sedated for, but she said a lot of people don't have sedation or anything??? I'm absolutely terrified - both my mother and bro have had the full colonoscopy, and my mother said she didn't even feel it happening at the time, where as the nurse has said i may feel very uncomfortable and it might hurt.

What are other obvious symptoms that I could be missing? Would bowel cancer be very obvious if I've had bad bowel symptoms for this long? I'm worried it's developed over the last couple of years just through having potential UC that's worsened or something as I know they can be connected. I'm very scared as I've talked myself out of having bowel cancer so many times in the past four years it's unbelievable, and just when I thought it was unlikely, I've been referred to 'make sure' things are all good there. I've always thought I was more likely to have IBS just simply for the fact the doctor's for four years have told me so!! What can I expect after the procedure also?

Thanks, and sorry for all the questions! I do tend to worry too much sad.png

30-06-16, 21:46
I just had a sigmoidoscopytwo days ago. I was very scared about the sedation, never had it before and I wanted to do the procedure without it. But the doctor told me it was better to do WITH sedation, so I could be more confortable. The nurse injected the sedation and after 5 seconds I was already sleeping. I wake up after 15 minutes (my friend that drove to the place told it was less than 15 minutes, in fact) a little dizzy, but fully "awake". I felt a little bloated after a while and passed a little blood the next time I went to the bathroom. But It was much more easy than I expected.
It is going to be alright! Don't worry =)