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12-01-16, 19:47
So you guys know I had been really really scared about my endoscopy last week, I had pretty much every fear you could have about it. I was scared that I would react to a medicine, scared that I'd stop breathing or my heart would stop, scared that they wouldn't be able to get the camera down, scared of being sedated, pretty much i was terrified of every aspect of getting an endoscopy and I just wanted to say if any of you are scared, don't be. I went through a lot of really unnecessary panic.
It was over very quickly, I didn't feel any of it at all, I don't remember any of it.
To go into detail, I got there that morning, I cried and hyperventilated literally from the time I woke up to right before I was put out (they put me under general anesthesia, I know most endoscopies are conscious anesthesia but they insisted that they do general).
They took my vitals and all my info, went very into detail on my allergies, concerns, and health issues. They got me set up with an IV, had me change into a gown from the waist up, and a few minutes later I was being wheeled into the endoscopy room. They put all the monitors on me (heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen), they got their equipment ready, the doctor came in, the anesthesiologist and their assistant came in and talked to me. They knew that I was very very scared of being sedated and they talked me through every single step of it, explained that it would just feel like a really good nap. The assistant hooked my IV up to some anxiety medicine and I started to panic as getting any kind of medicine scares me, she did tell me that it would burn, and it did, but within seconds, I didn't care. I was just happy. They told me to roll over on my side and put a mouth guard in, and that's the last thing that I remember.
I woke up eating and laughing. They just dilated my throat a good bit and said they saw slight acid reflux, but that was all. I can eat again after not getting to eat for two months.

Sam Winter
12-01-16, 20:37
i'm so glad you posted your experience as i might need one in a months time and i said i'd refuse but now theres a small percent i might actually accept,
i'm happy to hear theres a possiblity of being knocked but not so happy about the iv lol,
but i think thats something i could do.

13-01-16, 14:51
Thank you nothisispatrick; I'm having an endoscopy tomorrow, I had been super anxious about it; reading your post make me feel much better. Thank you :D

16-01-16, 16:38
Thanks for sharing! I had an endoscopy at the beginning of 2014 and I was also super anxious about it, but it was nothing to fear! The worst part for me was the sedative injection in my arm (I hate needles) and after that, everything was perfectly fine. The back of my throat was sprayed with something that tasted similar to sour bananas. Honestly, that wasn't very pleasant but it was okay. You find it almost impossible to swallow after, although you still can. I was told to lie down on my side and that's all I remember. I remember waking and feeling the tube being tugged around and out of my mouth afterwards but that's it. It was nothing compared to what I expected it to be like.

19-02-16, 18:41
I need to have an endoscope after cancelling the one I have scheduled last year I asked if I can be put fully out but have been told no just sedation im really scared after reading loads of horror stories on the net
Glad yours wasn't so bad