View Full Version : I'm so lost but really want to start trying for a baby!

15-01-16, 22:22
Hi guys
I'm not so great at the moment...
Recently (past 6 months) I've been so unbelievabley broody, all I ever think about is having a baby, sharing those magical and horrifying experiences of pregnancy and birth with my amazing partner but I'm stuck.

I have GAD with panic attacks and SAD and it being winter my panic attacks haven't been nice. I recently had to resign from my job because I was never in and basically I'm better off claiming ESA like I used to than staying in a job I eaen no money from. It hit me hard.

Me and my partner both want to start a family and although I feel my body, my emotions and my partner are ready, my mental health.. I'm not sure. I'm terrified that the stress from anxiety will make pregnancy near enough impossible.. I have family close by and his family are so amazingly supportive and always have been when it came to my panic attacks.

Should I consider trying for a baby regardless? I've been told by so many people that no time is ever going to be perfect for a baby and that if everyone waiting for the perfect time...they never would have children!

I'm so lost .. I don't know whether to wait it out (BTW I'm on medication and have a plan to stop in march, I've had coucnelling, hypnotherapy etc with no luck...) And just get a job and wait a few years (really don't want to!!) Or try for a child and focus on being a stay at home mum.

Any advice? Im so confused!!

22-01-16, 15:42
I am in exactly the same boat as you are! I just recently posted about this in the GAD forum but may move mine here! hugs!

02-02-16, 19:50
I wish I could help, but I am in the same situation as you are :(

02-02-16, 20:52
I know the exact feeling.....