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19-01-16, 22:03
Hi, not mad but need to ask as scheduled for a MRI scan soon - I think I may possibly have radio waves in my fillings - the way I will know for certain is getting fillings removed soon but not before MRI scan....

I know your wear nothing metal but fillings are okay - IF and big if because I dont know if my fillings contain radio waves (but I have been exposed to them and I do have noises happening which managed to even record!! But would having radio waves banging about in fillings affect having an MRI ?

I may not have radio waves in fillings as say I dont know but scared of something happening during MRI if I have....ps yes know 1 million to once chance of having radio waves in filings .... cheers

19-01-16, 22:14

How can a wave be in your filling? I don't get what you mean.

20-01-16, 06:48
But they would pass through them or be deflected off. We are surrounded by radio waves of varying frequencies all day long.

10-05-16, 16:16

Radio waves wouldn't be contained within your fillings. Waves pass through and around us all the time.

If you are particularly concerned about your fillings, mention them to your radiologist when they chat to you before your scan. They will ask you a couple of questions about potential metal in your body. Then would be the perfect time to alleviate your worries.

However, I am pretty sure that radio waves wouldn't be inside your fillings all the time.

Good luck with your scan,


10-05-16, 18:27
.ps yes know 1 million to once chance of having radio waves in filings .... cheers

ZERO chance, actually.

That is a scaremongering, urban myth, otherwise known as total rubbish.

Good luck with your scan.