View Full Version : Olanzapine combination

25-01-16, 08:45
Hi guys
I'm quite interested in this med and wanted to know what you are all taking it with if anything. It seems a popular add on to anti depressants.


25-01-16, 11:36
I take 2.5mg along with 187.5mg of ven

25-01-16, 13:08
Im coming off olanzipine at the moment..it does help with anxiety but not depresion...also there is a link between taking this med and diabites plus you gain alot of weight on it..i gained 4 stone over two years..iv now lost 2.2 stone since cutting down ..i plan to continue to come off it..bad drug as far as im concerned..do some research before taking it...i also slept very well on it,about 10 hrs solid but still felt tired all day...

25-01-16, 15:31
Olanz unfortunately can cause weight gain which in turn can make you high risk of diabetes, high cholesterol etc. I found the 5mg dose the weight gainer and when I lowered to 2.5mg I successfully lost the weight I'd gained and have managed to maintain this. Unfortunately all anti physcotic's carry weight gain as a side effect and mirt is the worst AD for weight gain too.

26-01-16, 07:54
I think my doc wants me to take the seroquel route, but from what I've read about the olanzapine it seems to have more off label uses,better for depression and can be taken in the day. I'd be interested in hearing anyone's experience on the mirt.