View Full Version : I have been prescribed BUSPAR

26-02-07, 15:11
And 5 diazepam tablets a month for emergencies

26-02-07, 16:12
Let us know how you get on Frankie. I've heard of it but it's one of the few I've never been put on!!

Love Jo x

26-02-07, 16:14
hi frankie

im not a great fan of diazapam but if they are only for emegencies then that is ok.

As for buspar - they have been amazing - they are not as addictive as diazapam and have a lot less side effects than my anti deps. I take one 5mg in the morning and one 5mg at bedtime and they have evened out my mood swings and kept my anxiety to a more controllable level.

Good luck wi them and I wish u well.
Have u thought any more about the care envirmoment for work?
Darkangel x

26-02-07, 17:21
thanks sisters

yes I have been prescribed 5mg 3 times a day

and I have thought a lot about the care environment, hoping to set up some work experience soon

27-02-07, 02:25
Hi Frankie - I was prescribed Buspar (Buspirone). I was initially on 5mg 2 x a day. This didn't do anything at all for me. After taking this dose for over a month my doc increased it to 10mg 3 x day. I cetainly noticed a difference then, but it just made me feel weird. Not sure how to describe it other than to say it was like my head felt like it was lifting off.

Well I stayed on that dose for 3 days, and decided it wasn't for me. Don't be discouraged though, Buspirone I believe is now one of the first line indicated medications for general anxiety symptoms. I've heard some great success stories about it too and without the difficult withdrawals you can get on other meds later on.

Keep us posted on how you get on.


27-02-07, 18:04
will do crackers