View Full Version : vcjd problem very paranoid

07-03-16, 15:16
hi I'm new here 22 year old and I just want to let this out so bad. so I been reading about vcjd long time ago and I was terrified becauuse I live in england for so long since 1993 but I was no longer afraid of it now because how very rare it is nowadays until....yesterday I was eating patty chilled beef. my cat suddenly jump up on the sofa while I was eating patty and I decided to give some of it.my cat started smelling the beef part and not decided to take it. I was very curious why my cat wouldn't want the beef and suddenly start thinking" what if my cat can sense prions on this beef?" I had to take this wrapper for evidence incase something happens to me. right now I regret buying this and so scared I'm going to died soon. soon:unsure::scared15: