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11-03-16, 14:34
Hello everyone
I had a CT of sinuses and then head MRI on 1st March 2016 because I have a reduced sense of smell. I saw the ENT consultant on tues day 8th March and was told everything thing was clear and there was nothing on MRI that could have caused this. He even said he would discharge me if I wanted this. Today in the post I received another appointment for a head MRI (appointment date 19 March) . I rang the hospital as I thought maybe it was a mistake but was told no it was a recall and for any further information I would have to ring the ENT consultants secretary. I have done so and she called me back saying the radiologist had recommended a more in depth MRI which apparently the consulatnt proceeded to book for me. Many of you will understand I was worried before the first MRI, then relieved and now I'm suddenly presented with this again with very little warning or explanation
I actually feel sick due to the worry this has now caused

12-03-16, 10:23
Although I'm not sure why you have been recalled, I wanted to reply to you as I can understand you must be very worried. Sometimes we can be recalled for simple non serious reasons, did you have the scan with contrast dye? I was recalled once for another scan because I hadn't had the dye and the consultant wanted to have a more thorough look. All was fine after the second scan, but the anxiety I went through was awful. I hope it all goes ok, let us know the outcome,. Take Care.

31-03-16, 05:21
The anxiety would be hard on me too... I'm sorry to hear about these stressful circumstances, and the anxiety you're dealing with.