27-09-04, 16:29
Hi folks, :D

I find that with my anxiety/panic etc... I am always questioning why I feel like this?? [Duh!] My mind is like a yoyo. Some days I feel alot better and could take on the world! well maybe not! Just felt good writting it LOL!! But other days I feel panicky etc... and back to square 1! BOO HOO :( You all know those blip days very well I expect!!!!

The thing is. I always find I have to have a reason. [Yes!] I find that if I am feeling low or poorly and I have no reason it really upsets me :( and I start searching for a reason. If there really isn't one I end up working myself up into a state thus hightening all those horrid symptons and making myself 100 X worse!

The silly thing is I know I am doing it. I'm just wondering if I will ever learn and if my brain [:P] will ever grab the acceptance thingy! I seem to live with a dull anxiety around me just about all the time which i cope with! It's just the reasoning and questioning WHY and constant thoughts that drives me crazy! [Sigh...]

Does anyone else find they do this at all? Any advice will be appreciated cheers!

Apologize for going on!

Take care all,

Love PIP'S [:X] XX

lilac kitten
27-09-04, 16:39

Totally know where you're coming from. I have to question everything. Oh I have a migrane - am I tired, is it hormonal, what have I eaten? And like you say, if there is no reason its like panic there must be one.

People with panic and axiety are actually more aware of dangers, their surroundings, and more alert, which is why we are much more on the ball. All this leads to fight or flight and we fell odd, which makes us panic. (I think?).

But to answer your question, no you are not alone. I'm like that too.


27-09-04, 16:45
Hi Pips!

As I read your post I actually felt like you were describing me! lol! I can literally turn my brain into soup by churning a 1001 questions through it! Ive discovered 2 things that often help me switch off!

The first is I search through my music and find a song that is the complete opposite of the mood Im in! For example: If Im feeling grumpy, Ill choose something like "A kind of magic" by Queen! Then, much to my neighbours and childrens dismay.. I belt it out at the top of my lungs!! :D I feel distracted within minutes!

The second thing I find that helps is bouncing on my bed! Lol!

If neither of these distract you from your river of questions then at least they give everyone else a good laugh! :)

Let us know if and what you choose to sing! lol!!

Love Minny...xxx

27-09-04, 18:04
hi there Pips,

I question the way I'm feeling the whole time. If I have a headache, I immediately think I have a brain tumour and if I'm feeling good, I always tell myself that it won't last for very long. Silly, huh?
I think all us suffering from anxiety just seem to accentuate everything...it's what we do best lol/
No, you are not alone!!

Sarah :D

27-09-04, 18:16
You are DEFINATELY not alone.

I question every last little thing all the time and if there appears to be no answer, then panic sets in.

Yesterday I was really tired after a particularly bad nights sleep. This probably made my eyes sting but I just could not accept that. Was convinced had some sort of major problem.

However much I tell myself not to be silly, its still on mind and I cant rid of it. Drives you mad doesnt it!?


27-09-04, 18:51
Hiya Pips

Sorry to hear that this is getting you down mate.

I think us panickers always question everything that goes on. So, like some say if we have a good day we even question that and assume that the next day will be bad again.

It is all about mind-over-matter and trying to convince ourselves that we are ok no matter what.

I am not sure there is a magic answer but it will come in time.

Try to occupy your mind when those thoughts enter it - turn some music on loud or do something simple like a cross-word cos that will concentrate your mind on that.

Hope it gets better soon.


27-09-04, 20:02
Are there 2 things here ?

Firstly Pips's anxiety over nothing to put a finger on

Secondly anxiety being created over small health issues

The anxiety over health issues is very common and a way through this is really to turn down your dial of reaction.

By this I mean - instead of headache being a tumour you need to practice underreacting so saying to yourself - ok, a headache . I probably need to take some exercise or drink a pint of water . As much as your head wants to whizz through all the serious things - keep it under control and sorting through the minor things first. Keep distracting and think what you would say to a friend who was worried to reassure them .

For Pips - It is possibly something that is underlying semi concious thats bothering you - an event next week , something that happened that is still filtering through.

If there is no reason at all and when recovering that does happen as your brain is used to having something to cling to then immediately smile to yourself and praise yourself for having improved so much that you actually don't have something tangible to worry about anymore and its just a habit to break now which will come with time .

Do ensure its not lack of food- always worth a try of a handful of nuts and fruit .
Thyroid test ok Pips ?


It is impossible to get out of a problem by using the same kind of thinking that it took to get into it.
- Albert Einstein.

27-09-04, 21:54
Hi ya Many Thanks for all your replies they were greatly appreciated cheers! :D :D

RUTH - Thanks you are so right with the Fight or Flight sympton! I just wish my brain would give me a break at times and fly away! LOL :)

MINNY - Thank you Excellent advice I will start bouncing and singing straight away! I think I'm gonna need some really cheesy music for this though! Not that I've got any of course! LOL ;)

SARAH - Thanks yep you are definately right I over accentuante also! We certainly do a fab job of it thats for sure! Just wish I got paid for it. I would be a millionaire! LOL [Wow!] [Yeah!]

SUE - Thanks. It does drive you mad yes! Our wonderful over imaginative brain hey! So hard to accept the simple option! I hope you sleep better tonight! [|)]

NIC - Thanks, thats so true I do question even if I have a good day. It's like my brains saying hold on just what do you think your doing enjoying yourself! Better have a bad day tommorow then and before you know it it's all doom and gloom! LOL Thanks for your advice though will practice the mind over matter thing! "If you don't mind then it won't matter". Will get my puzzle book out as well that might make my brain go blank all together! LOL [Duh!] [:P]

MEG - Thanks for your good advice as ever! [^] I definately will practice turning down that dial! I know it makes sense! I know I am my owm worst enemy. I have got myself into a habitual form of worry and negative thinking. It's just hard trying to break the habit when you have been thinking this way for so many years! I will try hard though.
I just worry if I am to positive something will go wrong. Stupid I know! Yes I definately do the fruit and nut thing. Julian Graves health shop do some great snack packs of dried fruit etc... which I carry in my bag as well incase of anxious hungry moments. I have had a thyroid test done Dr said it was just ok nothing to be concerned about.

Thanks again it's good to know I'm not alone!

Take care all