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21-03-16, 07:00
:scared15: So I found out I was Aneamic again, my iron level was 100, been referred to have the dreaded cameras and I'm terrified,not even had the appointment yet and I can't sleep I'm that anxious!!! I'm so mad at the Drs because about 9 years ago I was rushed in for a blood transfusion because my blood was only 64!!! I had the cameras then, which was not a pleasant experience which didn't help when the Dr doing it said "oh good!" and laughed when I said I had health anxiety, nothing was found and the Drs wrote to my doctor saying keep an eye on her and keep her on an iron tablet which they did until my tablet review last year when they decided to take me off it! Low and behold I'm Aneamic again and have got to go through all this stress and worry when it could have been avoided! I'm so scared!

21-03-16, 10:17
suepat45, I am so sorry for your situation.

That is very irresponsible of your doctors, and I am sad to say, pretty typical these days. It is ridiculous really that they chose to stop the iron. On what did they base that decision? I mean, clearly your Hb levels would be ok while you are still on the iron tablets, and would run the risk of dropping again when taken off it, so why did they stop it? Pretty strange IMO.

I guess the reason they referred for the cameras is perhaps to check if you have a bleed somewhere which is causing your low levels, but they are such an invasive thing that I totally understand your worry and frustration. Please be aware that you DO NOT have to give your consent to these scopes. As the patient, you have the final say as to whether you consent to it or not.

Is it worth a discussion again with your doctor? I would certainly be questioning the need for you to be put through a second round of tests again, when everything was fine before, and also on what basis the iron was stopped originally?

You have the last word on these procedures, please be reassured by that. x:hugs:

21-03-16, 20:04
Thank you so much, I'm hoping once referred they look at my case more closely and see my levels over the years and the stopping of my iron tablet! I'm hoping I get to see consultant first and they don't just send me an appointment for the cameras!

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Thank you so much, I'm hoping once referred they look at my case more closely and see my levels over the years and the stopping of my iron tablet! I'm hoping I get to see consultant first and they don't just send me an appointment for the cameras!

21-03-16, 20:37
Why on earth were your iron supplements stopped if you have a history of low haemoglobin? I'm sure a gastroenterologist could advise you on this before proceeding to an endoscopy especially as you had no evidence of internal bleeding last time.

Can you ask your GP to consult with a gastroenterologist first before requesting the endoscopy? GPs can refer for endoscopy now without the need for a prior consultation with a gastroenterologist but you need some answers before agreeing to the cameras.

Good luck and I hope you get put back on your iron asap!

22-03-16, 06:13
I agree with Debs & pulisa. It seems pretty obvious that taking you off these meds has caused the original problem to return. GP's are often on the lookout to save a bit of cash on regular meds so it may be that.

I think you should seriously question the need for invasive examinations over what could just be a matter of restarting the meds. Your GP seems like one of those who reaches for all the tests "just in case" rather than engaging his brain. A second opinion would be a good idea.

22-03-16, 07:26
I know what you mean, seems funny that on an iron tablet a day kept me from going Aneamic, then within a year and half of coming off them I am! And now got to been investigated! :mad:

18-04-16, 16:23
Hi, new here to group, like yourself fellow sufferer of severe anxiety, over two months now burning in stomach, heartburn, nausea, told anemic low 8.8 now in two weeks got to go along for endoscopy at hospital, complete bag of nerves suffer from agoraphobia so just getting into the hospital along is a big hurdle , without next having the procedure. Really getting in a bad state over this upcoming event. Never been sedated before, very anxious of that, and the feeling of sedation and coming round. But don't know if can do the test without sedation when so anxious. GP is not seeming to give me any other alternatives like barium meal x ray,
I see you were nervous yourself may I ask how did you find the courage to go ahead with test, any words of advice greatly appreciated.

03-05-16, 07:26
I can only tell you by remembering how it went 9 years ago as I am still waiting for my appointment! So nearly 10 weeks of dreading the post everyday!. What I can remember from last time is that once the sedation kicks in it makes you relax so the gagging eases and before you know it it's been done, make sure you tell them how anxious you are because they will make sure the sedative has kicked in a bit before they start, I should of done this but didn't so had a few seconds of them trying to out camera down before they even put sedation in my arm.the worst bit is the waiting to have it done,the test itself and I had cameras both ends, was over very quickly! Good luck let us know how you get on xxx