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23-03-16, 17:30
Hi all
I just found this website while browsing online. I suffer with depression & anxiety & last year I found exercise to be really helpful. But since the end of November my knee has been incredibly painful & swollen. I ignored it at first but I had an MRI scan on Friday & they've said today other than swelling the results look normal. One half of me is relieved as I was terrified about needing an op but the other half is astounded. My knee has been constantly swollen, I can hardly bend it & I can't take more than a few steps. I've been doing lots of research online & im sure I can see a meniscus tear. I'm at the end of my rope today I'm in so much pain & discomfort, because of the scan I feel like no one believes me & in addition I'm scared to move my leg in case I'm making it worse. Is anyone able to understand these scans?

23-03-16, 17:31
Extra scan

31-03-16, 05:17
No, I can't read scans, but I'm sorry to hear about your pain and distress. Could your specialist recommend something to help dwal with your symptoms? Or would you consider getting a second opinion?

10-05-16, 16:20

Did they say what may be causing the swelling at all?

Bulan is right, you are well within your rights to request a second opinion - perhaps that's the solution to alleviate your worries?

You will get there.

01-06-16, 14:56
Have you had any further news? I'm in the same situation at the moment and had my MRI scan last week. The only thing is my consultant said that often the MRI may not reveal the exact cause. He said he didn't even want me to have a scan and just look into my knee straight away. Surely this could be similar to you that the MRI had revealed nothing but they need to look further. Often keeping mobile will help you with some knee pain and the more you sit the more it can seize.