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24-03-16, 00:51
Hello, I am a 22 year old female and I am having very bad headaches and eye aches 24/7. It feels as though my head is swelled with pressure and I have a flickering /shimmering spot of light in my central vision. I went the hospital and got an Mri and ct and everything came back good. The doctor told me it was a neuro problem since I was seeing the flickering in both eyes. I have an appointment with an eye doctor next week and a neurologist the week after. It's driving me crazy. I am also having sensitivity to bright light.

24-03-16, 06:21

24-03-16, 09:37
migraine with aura , should have gone after a hour .

26-03-16, 18:19
migraine with aura , should have gone after a hour .

But hers are there all the time.

Sometimes I get a more typical migraine aura (a large ring or crescent-shaped colour appearing), but this only happens for a few minutes about twice a year.