View Full Version : Please help - terrified

25-03-16, 21:20
I had a dental x-ray recently - before I realised I could be pregnant. This would have been in the very first few days, before I missed my period.

We weren't trying, I had no reason to believe I was so when they asked me if I might be pregnant I said no. But we weren't as careful as we could have been and I now have symptoms and a missed period.

I will take a test soon, but cannot do one tonight.

Please, please help me I am scared I've done something terrible. I am having the worst time tonight and am alone. Please - has anyone else been in this situation and was it OK?

25-03-16, 22:16
Hi, if you are pregnant the amount of radiation from a dental X-ray is extremely small and unlikely to have an adverse effect as the beams don't go anywhere near your tummy. I googled some years ago when I had an X-ray on my foot before I knew I was pregnant. I believe it can be risky if you have X-rays on your torso or back etc but that it would be unlikely with one dental X-ray. If it turns out you are pregnant you can always check with doc or midwife etc (and congrats btw if you are!).

26-03-16, 18:48
I had dental X-ray during my pregnancy & it wasn't a problem at all. Please don't worry!