View Full Version : Throat pain, MRI offered

31-03-16, 04:56
Hi everyone, I've had pain and a feeling of pressure or something protruding into the left side of my throat for the last 2 years. I have been to two different ear, nose and throat specialists, who have done repeated scopes and physical exams. Neither doctor has found anything during these exams, but the second specialist offered me an MRI or CT scan if I wanted it, "just to take a look at things". I accepted the offer of an MRI scan after thinking about it and watching my symptoms for several months. The pain in my throat went from being inconsistent to being constant, and now affecting my left ear as well. I can't help but wonder, if this were cancer, would it progresses this slowly? Also, the fact that my specialist offered me an MRI worries me a bit... I'm sure you can imagine the anxiety that comes when a doctor suggests more tests.

31-03-16, 17:30
I feel like if you cancer for 2 years, untreated, you'd probably know by now.

19-04-16, 17:12
Hi Josh, I wish I could think that... I've heard that some cancers do grow slowly, making it easier to catch them in time. I'm not sure if thyroid cancer is one of them though. Meanwhile, a co-worker of my husband's was just diagnosed with two tumors on her brain, and tests showed they've been growing for about five years. I don't know if they've determined it's cancer, but we'll find out in a couple weeks.