View Full Version : trying to get off clomipramine, can't sleep

04-04-16, 17:35
Ok so I want to get off clomipramine, I have been on 100mg for 3 years, I have tried to increase to 150mg several times, but I just get too tired and sleep the days away. The past 4 months I have had extreme constipation, like bowel movements only once every 7 days and very minimal, extreme bloating and pains. Breifly last year I got off clomipramine relatively fast, 3 weeks. Then I tired zoloft, which was a nightmare, so I went back on clomipramine. Last time I went off, I had no issues, but this time, I went to 50mg for a week, then last night I didn't take any, and I could not sleep, I am still awake in fact. clomipramine has been the only thing that helped me sleep the past 3 years, but I still oversleep and always feel tired, thats why I want to get off it also. So this insomnia, is it because I stopped the 50mg now, or just a coincidence? I just took 50mg, because I need to sleep, I will see if I can fall asleep now after taking it.

Another question, I am worried if i take clomipramine for my entire life, what will be the long term effects.

20-04-16, 21:51
Hi ratedterror,

I don't know anything about clomipramine but I'm currently on mirtazapine (an antidepressant) for anxiety and I'm currently trying to reduce as well.

I think maybe you're reducing your dosage too fast, I don't know anything specifically about the medication, but are you able to maybe cut down to 75mg for 4-5 weeks, and then try the 50mg for another 4-5 weeks and slowly reduce? I would suggest going in to talk to a Doctor if you're able to and see what they recommend.

It's likely that your insomnia was caused from cutting your dosage too fast. You don't necessarily want to "shock" your body.

I'm currently on 30mg of mirtazapine and want to go back down to 15mg before eventually coming off. I was told by my Doctor today to reduce the dosage to 23.5mg for 4-5 weeks. However, I'm still concerned that this might be too much of a reduction for me.

From what I understand, it's important to slowly reduce dosages when coming off medications such as antidepressants. If you decide not to talk to a Doctor, try reducing your dosage slowly, it will probably help. :)

05-05-16, 12:35
i am getting off it as well and i was on a low dosage 25mg. i am having trouble sleeping, nausea, itchiness, i feel very tired, and i am losing my appetite. i am afraid that my anxiety is going to come back full-force but i have the klonopin, and my doctor added effexor so hopefully i won't have to deal with too many panic attacks and phobias..good luck.