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07-03-07, 21:36
In speaking with Nicola, the administrator, I had asked that a separate section be available for members to post questions about medical tests or associated symptoms. The qualifying language states that such questions will be answered by qualified physicians.

Since the section has been available, I have noted many responses to initial inquiries that alude to diagnosis by persons apparently not licensed or qualified as physicians. This can be quite misleading for persons awaiting a formal response under such provisions and it takes considerable time for me to read through and make a suitable response that not only answers the original question, but that also makes corrections to other suggestions that may not be appropriate. For instance, "mild brain irritation" is not a medical term, nor does it exist in the context provided.

Please help reserve this particular column for persons wishing to obtain explanations or discuss their medical tests and associated symptoms to be answered by qualified practitioners. As a physician, I am only able to offer limited time and the need to quickly search through questions and provide a response is critical. The remainder of the forum is certainly open to all forms of discussion.

Thank you.

07-03-07, 22:00

Thanks for clarifying this and reminding people this forum was for specific questions and answers by a physician.

I think that people are seeing posts and not really seeing the forum that the post is made in so answering anyway.

I am thinking about how we control this more so please bear with me.

In the meantime can people please be careful replying to posts in here and let the "professionals" answer if you are not sure.

Thanks in advance.

07-03-07, 22:57
Nic duly noted mate.

You've actually brought up something very relevent here, as I no longer really seem to be aware of the forum I am answering in anymore (I know its there lol but in a different format).

I tend to just see the new posts and answer ones that are in bold rather than even considering the forum they come under - so any improvements on that I'm sure will be helpful.

So sorry if I have answered under this one at all.

Love Piglet :flowers:

07-03-07, 23:01
Piglet - I replied too lol so don't worry

I am just seeing what RLR says and can see his point of view.

07-03-07, 23:06
Absolutely mate :D

Love Piglet xx

08-03-07, 00:28
Nic, can you set this forum so that people can post a question but nobody can reply except RLR?

There's a challenge for ya!

Eeb x

08-03-07, 08:11
I also replied here without realising the true nature of the forum.

However, I have mixed feelings on this forum.

Certainly I don't feel the caveats provided are adequate enough. If this forum is to become the place for "official medical advice", then it is my belief a much stronger worded policy is required on that advice.

It is OK for normal members to provide advice, and others should take that on a lay basis, when you seperate-off a forum for "official" advice, it could quite incorrectly be taken by members as more than just informative information.

I also have many reservations over the operation of the American Health Services. It is the belief of some that often medical tests are given out not on a medical basis, but rather one of profit and/or in reaction to an over litigious society. I do feel this may cause greater anxiety to those whose health care is provided by the NHS, because they may feel tests are required by what they read, when the medical evidence does not support such investigations under the guidance of NICE or NHS policy.

I have no doubt had my care been provided in the United States I would have had tests which the NHS consider to not be required on medical need. One could argue over which system is best, my concern is this distinction could be the source of anxiety to some.

My personal view is this forum could be useful, however, a disclaimer should be placed in the box which appears on every forum page and also no specific answer should be given on the requirement for investigations, rather some general medical knowledge and potential follow-up care. Either that, or advice from a NHS employee should also be given, however, I'm not sure the NHS would allow that?

08-03-07, 13:24
I've read the collective responses and would like to thank all of you for your replies. Regardless of what steps are taken to improve this particular forum section, I'd like to make clarification about several issues.

Firstly, my participation here is not under the ospice of an online practice of any nature whatsoever. I am not available to provide medical diagnosis or evaluation. My purpose here is to discuss any test results or questions members may have subsequent to a doctor's visit that remain unanswered, or alternatively to discuss symptoms that while having been previously diagnosed as benign are creating unwarranted anxiety and fear.

Secondly, I do not operate under the premise that patients should undergo any unnecessary diagnostic testing or treatment. Nor do I place litigious concerns above the care and safety of patients. What I unswervingly advocate is that all persons who visit the internet regarding healthcare concerns do so subsequent to a formal evaluation by their healthcare practitioner under whatever guidelines are customary for their region.

My presence here is not to place a wedge of controvery between disparity in healthcare philosophies, nor attempt to guide members of your forum regarding practical guidelines associated with various forms of care. It's merely a voluntary forum and not a requisite. Plainly, I am offering limited time to address post-evaluation concerns to ease anxiety and diminish medical jargon to understandable terms. My practice philosophy is simple. Patients deserve to know the entirety of information regarding their healthcare so that they are able to make informed decisions in their best interests and actively participate in the process.

Lastly, any member seeking to know whether symptoms warrant evaluation by a physician will always receive the same response; if you are experiencing unusual symptoms that have never before been evaluated by a physician or qualified healthcare practitioner, then you must prudently do so before seeking confirmatory information from this forum. Seeking medical evaluation of any type via the Internet is analogous to driving the highway with loose steering components because an online mechanic stated that no problem exists.

I look forward to visiting with you and answering any questions you may pose under the guidelines depicted.