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08-03-07, 23:58
I take 15 mg of Buspar twice a day and Ativan 1 mg twice a day, however doc does not want to renew my Ativan because it's addicting, however I don't even feel it does anything. I don't even think the Buspar does anything. I just started that about two weeks ago. Any advice or helpful hints would be appreciated. Thank you.

09-03-07, 00:03
Hi Shelley

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09-03-07, 14:15
Hi Shelly,
Buspar is helpful, it just takes about 6 weeks before you notice any improvement, so I think it's early days for yet, plus, as I'm sure you know, it's non-addictive! I used to take 15mg a day but I think you can take up to 30mg, and you can take it alongside other anti-depressants.