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19-05-16, 17:06
Hi I posted a couple of days ago about an episode of bloody diarrhoea that I had on Sunday resulting in a trip to a and e. My GP sent stool sample off and came back negative for any bugs. However as he is concerned that I'm still bleeding without an obvious cause he will refer me under the 2 week red flag fast track for bowel cancel colonoscopy.
I was really hoping that the outcome would be bacterial so I'm absolutely worried sick now about the outcome of the test. I had a colonoscopy 2 years ago that came back negative but the Dr said I couldn't count this as insurance that any cancerous polyps hadn't grown in the meanwhile .
I don't have any family history of cancer and am a normal weight, eat healthily and only have a moderate drink once a week. All my blood tests at the hospital came back normal.
Can anyone else relate to what else this maybe? Apparently IBS doesnt present with bloody diarrhoea. I'm in big need of reassurance . Lisa xx

20-05-16, 07:59
Can't really give you any information or relate to what this might be as my problems were not like this, But Just wanted to wish you well and hope that you get the colonoscopy through very soon and everything is clear. Take care