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25-05-16, 23:58
I've been on Clomipramine for a number of years now, and my dose is 200 (50 in the morning, 150 at night.) As far as my depression and ocd go, people have remarked positively on the results. I'm sure I have side effects, but nothing that has troubled me too much.

Within the last year or so, my anxiety has become a problem, resulting in doctors being called out last year and I ended up in hospital just last week. I have always been an anxious person, but now I feel like it's slipping out of my control. So my question is this: Is Clomipramine useful for like, generalized depression/panic disorder (if that is what's troubling me) or should I speak to my doctor about switching to something that is more tailored to those symptoms. Obviously I don't want my ocd or depression to flare up again.

24-11-16, 19:05
Clomipramine is used quite frequently for panic disorder and generalised anxiety. It is also used for post-traumatic stress disorder. It is used by myself for over a month now at 75mg for generalised anxiety with a small impact being made in reducing intrusive thoughts and anxiety in general. It should hopefully make a bigger impact when the dosage is increases further.

26-01-17, 22:37
Hi there, I take 25mg for anxiety and depression, until recently it has helped but some life events including the death of my Sister has brought on some panic and general severe anxiety, I am sure that it does help anxiety as well as depression and ocd but depends on dosage and what life is giving you. I have gp apt on 9th Feb, going to see what she says about going up on it or adding something to it. I will let you know what she says. I understand how you feel though. Big hug x

27-01-17, 00:41
Is Clomipramine useful for like, generalized depression/panic disorder (if that is what's troubling me)

Anxiety disorders and depression are different points on a spectrum manifested by the same underlying biological deficit (http://www.americanscientist.org/issues/feature/depression-and-the-birth-and-death-of-brain-cells/99999), so as a generalisation clomipramine should be effective for all of them, however, everyone responds to meds slightly differently and some may work better than others for an individual and/or a particular disorder.

You could try increasing the dose to the recommended maximum 250mg/day, or perhaps a little more. Augmenting clomipramine with Buspar (buspirone) may also help. Buspar is a GAD specific anti anxiety drug which doesn't work that well for most, but it can increase the effectiveness of serotonin reuptake inhibiting meds such as clomipramine and may also lessen some of their side-effects too.