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30-05-16, 03:02
hi guys not been here in a long time as have been ok for a long time i know that sounds spiteful but have been trying to get on with life,anyway late last year was diagnosed with ptsd during an assessment for panic brought back through loosing our sixteen yr old son in a motorcycle accident was told that i had ptsd and required specialist help i have since being having emdr at a local mental health centre, i am currently on week fifteen this has made my panic far worse and im currently experiencing daily attacks anyone here with experience of emdr i am currently taking pregabalin,escitalopram and diazepam to sub due panic attacks,feel like i am seriously loosing this battle

30-05-16, 08:44
I haven't had Emdr but If it is making you worse I think you should let your therapist know. I had intense psychotherapy for PTSD and sometimes that made me panic more. I expect that sometimes it has to get a bit worse to get better.

30-05-16, 09:09
i have annie and my doctor,the therapist said i may get worse for a couple of weeks when i started im now coming into week six every week i have got worse,the therapist can give no answers as to how long this will last which doesnt give me or my doctor much inspiration its just filling me with fear.

30-05-16, 09:18
I guess therapy brings the bad experiences to the front of our minds to help us to deal with them so it can make us feel more terrified for a while. I hope you start to see some improvement soon. :hugs::hugs:

30-05-16, 11:35
My partner is currently being treated for PTSD (nearly dying during childbirth and childhood abuse) and she was told there are steps that need to be taken before EMDR can be effective. She is currently receiving weekly psychotherapy with psychiatry appointments/checkups every 3 months. I would question the EMDR therapy if you feel it's not doing you any good, but also take my advice as anecdotal.

And I can't imagine the pain you suffered, I am so sorry :weep: