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31-05-16, 11:02
Hi there everyone, i'm due for an MRI of my pituitary gland on thursday and i'm absolutely terrified when i think about it. According to the leaflet i have to get it done with contrast and i'm scared i'll have some sort of reaction to the dye they use. I can't help but think they're going to find some form of tumour and it scares me to death.

Any reassurance would be greatly appreciated. :blush:

31-05-16, 11:41
Hi there, getting an MRI is very safe as far as I am aware. I'm sure you will be fine. Just be prepared it's quite noisy in there!

I'm curious what has led to needing a scan of your pituitary?

Best of luck

31-05-16, 14:44
Basically a while ago I had my levels checked by my GP and she said my testosterone was a little low do she sent me to an endocrinologist who had decided to send me for one despite my physical check being fine and such. It's just a bit worrying really, I suspect he's only covering his bases but still. :(

02-06-16, 11:16
Had my MRI done today, wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. My arms went dead a bit from lying still though. Now the anxiety of waiting on results. :(

02-06-16, 11:27
Glad the scan went well and wasn't too traumatic. Some people can;t cope with them at all so you did well! My Dad had to have a general anaesthetic to get an MRI as he was so claustrophobic.

Fingers crossed the results are all good.

02-06-16, 11:38
Thank you so much for the support. And yeah it was pretty scary going in but I just closed my eyes and nearly dozed off. When I got out they took the contrast needle out and sent me on my way so I'm hoping that's a good sign of them not seeing anything life threatening! It was more the laying still for 20 minutes that bothered me! I got bored! :D

10-06-19, 20:02
What was the result?