View Full Version : A dad with post-natal depression\anxiety?

01-06-16, 11:11
You don't hear about it often, but I think I might be slipping into post-natal depression\anxiety after my son was born 10 weeks ago.

I have GAD and have been managing it well since he was born, in fact I've not felt that good for over a year when this whole anxiety thing took hold. After the last weekend though I've been feeling low. I feel useless and like I can't do anything right and this is having an effect on how I am with my son. I hold him and he cries, I can't speak to him as my head becomes a fog and I just don't know how to deal with him.

I'm trying my coping mechanisms, but then I'm so busy with him when I get home from work (trying my best to give me wife a break) I don't really have the time. I know I should make the time, but it is difficult.

Any other dads out there feeling the same way?