View Full Version : First Time Diazepam User...Possibly

14-03-07, 17:00
Hi All,
So, my anxiety which is making me so tense and causing a lot of other symptoms has made me think that I should perhaps try half of the very low dosage of diazepam I have been prescribed. I am quite scared of taking it but feel it may help me to relax for just a litte while, which would be a relief.
My question relates to the following: I usually have a couple of beers everyday after work to relax (not the best thing to do, I know but...), so I am wondering how many days, if any, I should not have some beers before taking diazepam. Also, how long afterwards does it have to be before say, I can have a couple of beers again?
Sorry to ask such a silly question but things like this are never properly explained by Dr's and I'm paranoid about medication anyway.