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05-06-16, 17:24

I'm onto my 3rd day on these after SSRI's finally gave up on me. I'm feeling rather hot and sweaty (meds related, not weather related) and feel a bit more depressed if anything. Has anyone been on these and had similar side-effects? Anybody had success with them? Been depressed and off work for 9 months now so desperately need something to work.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Could we have a seperate topic for Lofepramine as i wasn't sure where to post this? Ta

05-06-16, 18:00
Hi, I'm working my way through all the antidepressants too :-/ I really hope Lofepramine works out well for you. I was on this about a year ago but only for about 6 weeks. I really wish I had given it longer to work and I'm thinking of trying it again. At the time, I asked my GP if I could discontinue it as it was giving me disturbing dreams, which seemed way too life-like and really upset me. And also the problem of constipation.
I'd really like to hear how you get on with them so please keep me updated. I can't seem to find anything to help me after Citalopram seemed to lose its effect, and I'm off work too (which is a huge worry). Good luck!

05-06-16, 18:22
Hi FlowerBee,

Thanks very much for your reply.

It's a bit of a nightmare the old meds roulette isn't it:ohmy: I often wish i hadn't started them, but that was 18 years ago so it's a bit late for regrets now:)

So far the Lofepramine aren't bad at all, apart from the sweating. I used to get horrendous start-up anxiety on the SSRI's to the point i'd end up pacing around A&E...not fun. The lofepramine don't seem half as agitating or anxiety-inducing so i'm very grateful for that. I just hope they work!

I'll let you know how i get on. Good luck with your meds.

Best wishes

08-06-16, 18:38
That sounds really promising for you so far :) Good luck!

14-06-16, 12:30
lofepramine worked great for me, until I went on a weekend bender stag do to spain, drank too much and then they seemed to pack in, but were good for the 3 months I took them before that

14-06-16, 13:10
Very weird, was just about to post and saw your reply Shiznit. Sorry that it stopped working for you. Did you have problems with sweating while starting on the Lofepramine and did it wear off eventually? I'm sweating like a nun in crack den! Apologies to any nuns...or crack den owners.

14-06-16, 14:51
think most AD's increase the sweating, definitely during exercise I find that I sweat a lot more than I did