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15-03-07, 22:03
hi everyone

just wanted to ask if anyone has taken trazodone hydrochloride tabs they are an anti depressant. my gp is weaning me off seroxat so i can take these instead i am having trouble sleeping and these tabs have a more sedative action.
i have never come across them before.

any thoughts/ experiences would be welcome


15-03-07, 22:07
Hi there

Have a search on this forum - there are 15 other posts on here about them.

Click on search at the top of the screen and enter trazodone

Happy reading

17-03-07, 03:19
Hi Sammie , I was on Trazadone afew weeks ago , yes they do have a sedative effect , I felt abit drowsy on awaking but that wears off after a week ot two , i suppose it depends on each individual if you have that effect , take them at least 8 to 10 hours before your due to rise . I wish you well coming off seroxat , and i hope Trazadone helps you best wishes , dusky x

19-03-07, 16:06
hi everyone

i had my first full nights sleep:) the second night taking these tabs ( six months without a full nights kip is hard) i do feel a bit spaced out at the moment hopefully this will wear off soon.