View Full Version : I am literally petrified - I just know it's colon cancer

20-06-16, 16:48
I feel so stressed I'm losing my mind. Have had on/off diarrhoea for weeks - settles for a few days and then back again with a vengeance. I intermittent pains in right side near where my gallbladder used to live (had it removed 2 years ago). I have lost a v. small amount of blood on one occasion. On another occasion there was pink mucous when I wiped. I went to the GP last Weds and he referred me for colonoscopy under the 2 week urgent care rule. I am seeing a consultant this weds and I assume he'll refer me for colonoscopy asap. My bloods have been done but aren't back yet.
The biggest and most worrying thing for me is that I've lost weight...I don't weigh myself generally, being on the big side. However, I noticed my blouses are hanging off me and several people mentioned it at work. Pretty sure all the weight loss has happened in the last week-10 days or so - and it's probably half a stone or so (at a guess). I'm now monitoring it and trying to up my calories (never thought I'd say that). I suppose I have eaten less since the bleeding episode which freaked me totally. I have chosen bland food - no fried - so I guess I'm eating less calories but on top of all the other symptoms I am now ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED.

I don't actually think I can cope - I am on the verge of a breakdown. I spend every night wide awake, and ever day exhausted and trying to remain normal for the sake of my kids. I have this intermittent sharp pain in my right side which I have now convinced myself is liver cancer spread. I feel sharp pains in my abdomen constantly.

I feel I'm falling apart...I don't know where to go, what to do. I just can't cope. I am convinced I am dying. Please, please someone help me.

20-06-16, 20:53
Nicki I'm not a doctor and I can't tell you what's wrong with you but I want to tell you of my recent experience :
6 weeks loose stools/diarrhoea
2 episodes slight bleeding, 1 quite heavy bleeding
Random stomach pains- once they woke me in the night
Weight loss- 11 lb in 4 weeks.
Anaemia due to bleeding from piles
My doctor referred me to a consultant under the 2 week rule (she said EVERYONE with these symptoms gets referred, most don't have cancer.
Fast forward to last Monday- the consultant arranged a colonoscopy after telling me I had haemorrhoids but he wanted to be sure there was nothing else.
The colonoscopy was fine - pretty bad haemorrhoids which they banded but everything else normal.

I suspect I maybe had a slight food poisoning which caused the initial diarrhoea and my HA made sure it continued. After a week I'm already regaining the weight and poo back to normal.
My reason for telling you all this is to show you that someone with similar symptoms to yours, despite being absolutely CONVINCED I had cc, was ok. Don't automatically assume it's bad news (I'm a fine one to say don't worry!)

20-06-16, 22:24
Thanks so much for your response. I really appreciate it. Am praying that I have the same outcome as you. Sooo scared!

21-06-16, 14:52
I hope so too, and it's much more likely to be ok than not. Good luck tomorrow, let us know how it goes x

26-06-16, 01:45
how did it go?

10-07-16, 21:01
I wanted to update everyone because despite my mad panic I had a colonoscopy and there was no bowel cancer just diverticulosis. I am very relieved but still worrying about my on going stomach issues. The colonoscopy wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but the prep was pretty awful. At least it was good news!

10-07-16, 21:07
Hi Nicki so glad you had good news. I agree about the colonoscopy. The actual procedure is fine, but the prep- the less said the better 😊. If you're feeling calmer them maybe your stomach will calm down? Hope so x

12-07-16, 23:39
I am pleased it all went ok. Not a nice thing to have, but considering what you thought you had then it's a walk in the park ;)


13-07-16, 04:29
To put your mind at rest about the stomach issues have a gastroscopy and or also ultrasound as well.

Cheers :)

13-07-16, 10:09
I'm not sure that's a good idea. An invasive test has already been done, and a diagnosis made - diverticulitis can cause a lot of unpleasant symptoms. I would question if further tests would give peace of mind, or add fuel to the fire - if she is questioning the results of the colonoscopy, it's very possible that doubt would continue, no matter how many tests are done.

Better to look into ways of managing the diverticulitis.

13-08-16, 00:10

I have had the same symptoms, on off loose stools, lost 4lbs in 2 weeks already and so scared right now. I saw a specialist today and we scheduled a colonoscopy for next week, now im seriously sh*****g myself, im 35 and cant be having colon cancer, im so scared i really am!!