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22-06-16, 06:38
Does anybody take a tricyclic for anxiety? If so, which one?
Thanks so much.

22-06-16, 07:12
Hi Mugs, apparently they can help.

For some reason I thought you'd tried one of those? For sleep?

My psych discussed nortyptiline (can't spell it) but we were concerned about bowel issues due to my Crohn's. I know a lady on this for anxiety and panic and it's worked well for her. Helps with sleep too.

22-06-16, 23:11
Hi Mugs

I was on amitriptyline for about 18 months, 20-50mgs. It stopped working for me eventually but was a great help for that period.

Worked better for me than any of the SSRIs, SNRIs and pregabalin.

I seem to respond better to the old medications :)

22-06-16, 23:14
Thanks Shaz
I tried Amitriptyline many years ago and i felt my heart was pounding and some PVCs.
I stopped it, I don't remember what dose so it may have been too high.
My anxiety was nothing near to what it is now, back then I think it was just menopause.
Im so scared of what they may want to put me on next but I have to find something that's for sure. Wish me luck tomorrow please.
Thanks and take care.

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Thank-you Mark, I hope I find something soon, I'm worn out.

23-06-16, 00:52
I hope something comes up that works for you Mugs!

I guess anything is worth a try at this point isn't it?

Are you not getting relief from the trazodone or pregbalin any more?

Fingers crossed for you.

I seem to be coming out the other side of my week from hell, I'm putting it down to diazepam withdrawal so will speak to doc about ways to decrease in smaller amounts. At the moment can only really cut pills into quarters and I think it needs to be smaller drops than .5 mg in the last couple of mg.