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02-07-16, 21:35
For the past month I've been getting twitching and muscle cramps in my feet every night. I get pins and needles sometimes too. I'm really scared this is from a disease like MS. I am female and 23 years old, so fear I am at the most common age to be diagnosed. Are these actually symptoms of MS?

02-07-16, 21:40
Check out this thread


Positive thoughts

02-07-16, 22:09
Do you notice whether these symptoms get worse when you have feelings of anxiety?

12-07-16, 16:56

Hello these symptoms are pretty typical everyday symptoms. Have a read of my thread. If you are generally an anxious person, they can be caused by anxiety. Twitches don't tend to be an ms symptoms, and occasional pins and needles/cramps at night may be something else. Unlikely to be ms. If you are really worried see your gp.