View Full Version : going for my 3rd ECG this thursday to put my mind at rest

04-07-16, 12:52
I have had 2 ECG's in my lifetime, first when i was 16 and then again at 23 , I am now 23, i booked in for one privately this coming thursday as i still worry about every now and then and sometimes it makes my anxiety really bad.

could anyone shed light on whether the first two really were enough or am i wise going for the 3rd one?

04-07-16, 17:32
The real question is... Will you believe the results when they come back clear? One of the issues with HA is finding ways not to believe scientific results. How many posts do you see where the poster has been tested left, right and sideways and still doubts? Then they come here and ask on the forum?!

If you don't go, your doubts will continue to consume you so I would just do it. Then, talk to your GP about getting help with your anxiety.

Positive thoughts

05-07-16, 09:57
Ye your right, i mean once i have the ECG i feel great and then maybe a year or two down the line i end up worrying again, but in all honesty i think this time i will be able to accept it as my anxiety isn't what it once was

18-07-16, 12:25
had my ECG now feel a lot better, less anxious although i still have moments but i generally dont have anxiety as much anymore