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19-03-07, 13:26
Can anyone give me any advice about coming off Sertraline (50 mg daily). I'm not convinced that they help me but I'm scared to stop taking them.

19-03-07, 13:56
hi i cant really advice but i feel a bit like you at the moment,im on meds and want to come off them but i also believe they help me too,but scared stiff to come off them as well,i have been thinking about this recently alot but i have felt alot better but not all the time so ive decided to carry on a bit longer until i feel better all the time or at least a month without major panic/anxiety,also asked my hubby who said you have got better alot but not enough to start reducing yet,and i think him looking in on me is probally one of the best people to see if its the right time.good luck with your decision and if you feel you still need meds what about speaking to doctor to maybe see if changing your meds, might help.good luck tracy

19-03-07, 18:36
Right, the only advice I should give is to talk with your Doctor about this. The Doctor may suggest trying to increase the dose to see if it helps, or he/she may just tell you how to wean down. My suggestion is that you do so with great caution, especially if you have been on sertraline for some time.

Don't try to stop taking it right away, slow and careful reduction I believe is the best way to go about it. I have been on sertraline, on and off since I was thirteen. My experiences with getting off of the med have been unpleasant and I have always gotten back on them, but in my case it is probably because I've taken them for so long and because I weaned down too quickly.

The best thing to do when preparing to come off of sertraline is to arm yourself with information. I'd suggest speaking with a Doctor, a therapist - and a pharmacist may be helpful as well. I wish you the best of luck with this.

God bless you,


19-03-07, 19:46
Thanks for the advice. Very helpful:yesyes:

19-03-07, 21:49
hi how long have you been on them? they do take a while to work im currently on 200mg sertraline I think 50mg is a quite low dose so you might need to increase it. Definately speak to your doctor and see what they advise. What are you on them for? xx

25-01-10, 00:01
Can anyone give me any advice about coming off Sertraline (50 mg daily). I'm not convinced that they help me but I'm scared to stop taking them.

hi serena i am now comeing off sertraline tablets 50mg i started this 2 weeks ago im am fine exept im gettin a bit fuzzy in my head apart from that im ok so far, im also very tired to so i try and sleep as mutch as i can to help me recover, i was also worried about comeing off them so try not to worry to mutch if you think the worst the worse it gets dont think about withdraw symtoms im sure you will be fine well look at me , the dr is taken me of them very slowely i dont take one for 1 day then the next day i take one tablet and then again the next day. i have to keep doing this for 2 weeks then i have to take 1 oneday and then none the next for a further 2 weeks and so on if you want to chat we can get on here and help each other ok all the best and good luck ok im here for you ju xx

02-02-10, 01:55
he put me on them for deppression and anxitey panic attacks i have been on them for a year this feb if i do go back to the dr he may put me back on the which i dont want to do hun xx

23-03-10, 10:05
Can anyone give me any advice about coming off Sertraline (50 mg daily). I'm not convinced that they help me but I'm scared to stop taking them.
hi im coming off of 50mg of sertaline at the mo and i have to reduce one tablet a week until im on 1 then thats it:yesyes: but i still had side affects i feel dizzy sick and not quite with it :ohmy: but one thing i have learnt if you are takin this for anxiety then you dont need it :lac:you create every sensation and feelin and the best way to get rid of it is to face head on :yesyes:hope this has helped i just wish i knew all this before i ran to the doctors

31-08-10, 14:28
Hi, I've been on sertraline 50mg every day for anxiety & panic disorder, then two months ago my Dr reduced these to every other day, everything was going fine until this weekend when I have had one anxiety attack after another, dreadful. Been to see my Dr this morning, and he tells me its took this long for the Sertraline to work its way through my system, he's put me back on the daily dose. So please all of you be very very careful if you intend to come off this medication it is very nasty indeed. You don't realise how much they are helping you until you try to come off them. Hope this has been of some help to you all.

02-09-10, 12:17
I saw my doctor two weeks ago, and asked about coming off Sertraline 50mgs. She said to take one tablet every other day. This last few days I have had sick dizzy headaches, and feeling faint. I am not sure if I am doing the right thing. The thing is they weren't helping a lot with the anxiety in the first place. I wondered if it would be better to try something else. Coming off them is worse than I felt in the first place.

Jenny xx

09-05-11, 04:44
I have been on Sertraline for a year now and I can honestly say it has worked amazing. I started on 25 mg then slowly moved up to 100 within weeks and been on 100 mg for months now, but one problem now, I want to get pregnant with out having my baby drugged up on this crap. It sucks, I feel nauseous :weep: dizzy like a woshy feeling of faint like :wacko: mad headaches and irritable. Ive read up to start taking doses every other day. It feels like this drug just has me hooked no matter what I feel like SHIT!:lac::curse:

07-01-12, 03:37
This is great, my son is away for 3 weeks and I have been weaning myself off them and yes I have been dizzy, nauseous and vague... am glad it is not just me - I was on 3 and now am on 1 - have been sleeping alot and seem to be worse around 11am to 3.00pm. I so want to get off them as did not like myself on them.... and have put on so much weight. Have tried, prozac, flouroxitine, citralopam and a couple others... I think I would rather get back to the nervous energy, I at least get some things done.. when I was on 3, I felt like a zombie.... I have another 8 days to recover before my son comes back, I think I will start the alternative days today... thank you for all your posts, they have been very helpful...

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To Moonbubble - yes that is what I am feeling, 'Hooked' it is awful beyond words... there must be better ways than this.... and yes you don't want to be pregnant on this stuff.... all the best. :hugs:

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The above link is an article of the affects of coming off sertraline.... thought you may be interested, though you may have found it already... and yes I feel like rubbish, but if I can last the 3 weeks I will have a better idea if I need them long term or not... cheers Rae (I am just pleased my son is away)

busy Mum
19-05-12, 14:16
I have been on Sertraline for 5 months and came off without telling doctor and had had awful side affects after 5 days of no tablets i was dizzy sick crying and worse than before so please take my advice and if you think your ready to come off them go and ask doctor first and do it properly. I am so cross with myself now!!:mad: