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08-10-04, 11:08
HI I just wondered if anyone can give me some advice on the drugs i'm taking - I was prescribed paroxetine by my GP after I had a nervous breakdown following quite bad depression. I suffered such bad panic attacks I had to leave my job -the deprssion has lifted but the panic attacks wont go away, though they are now far less severe. - I want to know if paroxetine is the best drug or if therre are better ones for panic. also i am so scared about coming off them -whats it like to come off paroxetine? i just want to resume a normal working life as I am only 29 and shoulf be out there earning a living - I am so scared of going back to work though!!
Any account of someones experience of paroxetine would be much appreciated.
cheers, JP


08-10-04, 11:44
Paroxetine is liceneced for panic but everyone responds differently .

Panic sdon't just go away long term with medication although meds can give you a great break from it all - they have to be worked through .
They came as a result of something or a warning or a physical issue . Do you know what that was ?

Have you discussed it with anyone ?

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08-10-04, 12:43
I am seeing a psychotherapist currently but she wont advise me on what drugs to take, she says my Gp has to do that... I just feel so frustrated that the thought of going back to work, sitting in an office and making calls etc, talking to my boss or anyone who is important, so scary i cant face the thought of it - I dont know what ot do in the mean time, I am running out of money as well and have to pay the rent. what i am concerned with is that being stressed will bring back the attqcks as they were before - are there special tharpists that deal with panic?


08-10-04, 16:26
Hi JP,

I was on Paroxetine for 6 months. I did feel that when it did start to take effect. It did pull me out of a hole at first, but after a while it didn't really do that much to help. There again though everyone is different and what suits one person might not suit another and so forth. So I continued on it for the 6 months as advised and then came of it slowly. The worst side effect for me coming of the medication was dizziness apart form that it was ok.

Take care


09-10-04, 00:50
Maybe you could do volunteer work, i do with a wildlife trust and so do quite a few others who have had nervous breakdowns and find benefits from this kind of work. If your scared of going back to work maybe that was a contributing factor in causeing the problem in the first place and its time to look for a less stressful job.

sorry for being of topic for the question asked and i maybe barking up the wrong tree so to speak.. but just some thoughts to think about.


09-10-04, 07:40

I am currently on Paroxetine and it is working fine for me. It took a while to take effect though. There were a lot of stress factors causing my panic attacks:

redundancy, interviews, new job, wedding, college exams all at the same time.

The meds have helped me get out of the hole but I also look after myself now and avoid stress.

There are lots of self help things you can try like aromatherapy, massage, exercise etc.

I know it seems hard at the moment but things will get better. I am feeling better now but have been advised to take the meds for a further 6 months.

I've been on paroxetine before about 3 years ago and found them ok. No real problems coming off them. Everybody is different though and you do have to give them chance to kick in. It sounds as though they are working though if your depression has lifted and the panics are less severe.

Take care

Emma xx

11-10-04, 13:24
thanks for the replies, all good adivce, i think the volunteering option could be a good one to keep active mentally and socially, i just need to get money somehow! but yes its probably a sign that i should lead a less stressful lifestyle, and get massage etc... its really weird how one day you think the panic has gone forever and then it comes back just as bad... i will stick with the paroxetine for a while and see what happens.