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20-07-16, 16:09
My ear nose and throat doctor sent me for an MRI for my inner ear recently , do you know if the MRI would pick up any abnormalities with my brain during the Scan??

21-07-16, 13:17

21-07-16, 13:20
From a post you made a few days ago


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past few weeks been good
I seem to suffer from anxiety in patches its never all year round its more like a couple of months anxious a a few calm, its health anxiety that gets me the worst either i think there is something wrong with my heart or my brain its been a fear for years but i had an ecg a few weeks back got told everything was fine.

Since then i've had a few mini rushes of anxiety and everytime i've had one i've finally been able to tell myself there's nothing wrong you are fine, a few months back that was not possible , so glad to feel anxiety free although i do have small moments but they do not affect me the way they have been"

Please don't go from obsessing over your heart back to worrying about your brain

21-07-16, 13:23
to be honest im not getting anxious like i once did over it but it does stick in my mind