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20-03-07, 02:21
Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Buspar....Klonopin...or Zoloft. I am currently on all three and specifically am interested in Buspar. Also wondering if anyone had a hard time coming off of Klonopin. I've been on Zoloft before, so I kinda know what to expect from that. Any experiences that you guys could share would be appreciated. THanks you guys!!

20-03-07, 16:09
Hi Upatnight-like the ladybird!
I was on Buspar for a short time-15mg a day. It helped calm me down, taking the edge off my adrenaline rushes. As you know, it can be taken alongside other anti-depressant meds. It's seen as a good alternative to the benzos-the tranquillisers that are addictive and make you feel zombified. There's a lot of info on buspar on here in the meds section, so you could use the search facility at the top of the page to read older posts. Another good site is askapatient.com which gives reviews of meds from people who've taken them-just search for buspar/buspirone.
Hope this helps,

20-03-07, 19:41
Hi Upatnight,

I have been on all 3 meds but not at the same time. Buspar had a very mild calming effect like Sarah said. I don't know why they would have you on Buspar and Klonopin at the same time as I think they both do the same thing, just one is a benzo. Klonopin can be difficult to come off of if you are on a large dose. I would suggest from previous experience to stay on as low a dose as possible even cutting the pills in half if you can, with your doctor's approval of course. As for as Zoloft you stated you have been on that before so no suggestions there.

When you do want to go off Klonopin I would suggest to wean off it slowly and again to cut the pills as you cut down on the dosage again with your doctor's approval.

Hope this helps.


26-03-07, 02:41
Thank you all so much for the feedback. As I'm sure you all know...us anxiety sufferers are always searching for reassurance that we aren't alone. Did anyone have nausea while on Buspar? I have been nauseaous for the past 3 days....but no real sickness....just feel bad.

26-03-07, 03:09
HI all - was put on Buspar 10mg 3xday - just made me feel weird so stopped taking it. Zoloft I never managed to take for more than 3 days becasue of he side effects. Klonopin is not avoail in the UK (asked my doc for it), but apparantly a better first line treatment than XAnax.


22-11-11, 11:16
Klonopin works. I can go from anger to a puppy within fifteen minutes or less. Sometimes when I anticipate a major issue I take one to prepare myself and I'm fit to go nice and smooth. No anxiety, no anger, just calm, cool and collected. It's an excellent anxiety medication. I prefer to take generic Klonopin (http://buysafemeds.com/drugs/Klonopin/), it's cheaper than brand.