View Full Version : Getting MRI this morning really uptight

27-07-16, 10:20
Hi I am having an MRI done this morning on my abdomen. I have had one on my knee lasted 10 minutes then pressed the emergency button, I had the Same scan done 7 years ago but the first time I ran away second time I had it done on 10mg lorezapam and it was fine no recollection but I lost the whole day. I a having it done today without sedation because I've got something on this afternoon. It is an open scanner does that make a difference.

27-07-16, 10:30
Yes, an open MRI scanner should be much better for you.

My Dad suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. He hates confined spaces, lifts for example, etc. He needed an MRI on his shoulder a couple of years ago, and we searched for an open MRI scanner for him, found one in a facility nearby and he had the scan successfully. I was able to even sit next to him and hold his hand during the scan, but he was fine albeit with a few nerves.

The open scanner is much better. All sides are open and there is no enclosed feeling like there is with a normal MRI. You just lie on a table thing and a large, round scanner lowers down over your body....that's all.

This scan should be a lot easier for you.

**Sorry, my mistake. The round bit does NOT lower down....you are just wheeled under it. Just checked with Dad!