View Full Version : Anxiety from alcohol

04-08-16, 16:58
I have been noticing more and more recently that drinking even at very moderate amounts or even minimal amounts, I feel
Anxiety. Now, even imagining drinking or being any sort of hung over gives
Me massive anxiety. I've cut down so much that if I do have a drink it's one or two, once or twice a week. My boyfriend drinks much more and my friends really enjoy going out. I'm worried about losing friends over this and of course that's make my anxiety even worse! I'm also on my very final taper. Any advice or similar experiences helpful. Thank you

16-02-17, 08:56
Beer and coffee - my two main anxiety/panic attack enablers. Had to quit them both.

16-02-17, 08:58
You can still go out.

Also they aren't really friends if they won't be your friend unless you drink.

16-02-17, 09:13
Your own wellbeing is the most important thing.

If people have an issue with you not drinking, that is actually their problem, because they need other people to drink in order to validate their own dependencies on it.

16-02-17, 09:53
It's an old thread bumped. The OP hasn't logged on since 7/08/2016.

They probably won't be coming back?