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09-10-04, 13:04
wonder if anyone can give me some advice please...
i am having a bad day and want to get something to help me as i am not currently on any medication..
i get in a right state about the smallest of things and get everything out of proportion i want something to help me stay calm..
ive been looking at information on rescue remedy would anyone recommend it or anything else

09-10-04, 13:44
Yes rescue remedy is very good - I have some in the car with me to sip in water.

Look at this post too - bach remedies (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1451)

Did you see the page on Natural Remedies on my website too?


09-10-04, 14:10

i think the rescu remedies do work, i havent had 1 drip in ages which means they must be working!

Scooter Girl

if i was hungry would you feed me, if i fell you help me up, if i was crying would you brush away my tears

09-10-04, 14:20
Hi there, i would you rescue remedy at times of need at it took the edge off the anxiety, theres a shame i didn't have any this morning when i needed it! Also there are some great sites on the net which go through relaxation for you, just type in relaxation, theres loads! Also cleaning is a great distraction for me and makes me feel good when i see my home in order Tara

09-10-04, 14:30
Hi there!

Ive heard so many positive things about Rescue Remedy and Im thinking of trying it myself when things get bad! I normally use music or baths with lavender oil to relax. Breathing exercises help too!

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

Love Minny..xxx

14-10-04, 20:42
Its a thumbs up for rescue remedy, it really does take the edge of anxiety and I never leave home without a bottle tucked in my bag.

Also, try to avoid refined sugar as it sends your blood sugar levels all over the place which can all too easily lead to feelings of jitteryness and anxiety.

Best wishes, Jo x

18-11-04, 16:34
Definately recommend Rescue Remedy. They do a little spray which fits in your bag, just two squirts on the tongue when you need it, its very easy to use and discreet so no-one will notice.

Some days I use it a few times and sometimes just having it in your bag is enough, I don't go far without it.

Take Care