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18-08-16, 09:01
Have been struggling with extreme anxiety for last month or so. Doc prescribed 100mg Sertraline am, 7.5mg Mirtazapine and 2mg Valium before bed. Have been taking this for 1.5 weeks. Was great for first week but after that the anxiety returned. Now he wants me to drop from 100mg Sertraline to 50mg in am and take 15mg Mirt at night and 2mg Valium in the morning. He said I should only have Sertraline withdrawals for 2 days. I am way too scared to do this, as I've read Sertraline should be tapered slowly. The other thing he suggested was swapping Mirt for Quetiapine. So would be 100mg Sertraline in am and Quetiapine in pm. Anyone had any experience with Quetiapine? Thanks in advance.

18-08-16, 09:09
How long have you been on the sertraline for? I think you said you've been on it a while? If so, I would taper off it slower, by like a quarter a week.

Also, some people find quetiapine really helpful, especially if you are having trouble sleeping. How much are you supposed to take?I tried it and it didn't do anything for me so can't give you any good feeback pertsonally.

Upping the Mirt shouldn't have any major effect or at least no negative ones. It seems to have far less side effects than the SSRIs.

I suppose all you can do is give it all a go?

However, in my experience in the past few months it may be best to only change one thing at a time as otherwise you can't isolate which med is doing what.

Good luck!

18-08-16, 10:03
Hi Shaz! Thanks so much for your reply. Yep. I've been on Sertraline for 10 years and was gobsmacked when he said go from 100 to 50 and I would only have two days of withdrawals. I even suggested going down to 75 first and he said, no just drop straight to 50. I cried and cried when I walked out. My mum was with me. As I said to mum, I have two kids to look after, I can't lay in bed all day feeling off. I think I will stay as is for another week on the Mirt and then try the Quetiapine if it is still really bad. I did try Quetiapine about a year ago but at that stage I was still drinking and it didn't agree with me at all. Hope you have been feeling a bit better the last couple of days. So sick of feeling like this. My kids keep me going, otherwise I don't know wear I'd be. Take care. Tracy xx[COLOR="blue"]

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18-08-16, 11:12
I'd say do it at your own pace. Being on something ten years and then halving it is a bit sudden for my liking. Others on here may have a different opinion but you are already struggling. Is the doctor expecting the mirtazapine to replace the sertraline?

My understanding is you can add the quetiapine without it affecting any other meds. Maybe try it and see? The most it will do is make you sleepy. I felt really stoned when I took it but still just as anxious unfortunately.

Not fun coming out of the doctor crying. Glad you had your mum for support.

I've had a reasonably good few days after some awful ones. But having almost panics in the car, otherwise anxiety is much better.

Fingers crossed things improve for you soon


18-08-16, 12:10
Thanks Shaz you made me feel a whole lot better. Was thinking the same about going straight to half. First he said you've only been taking it for a month haven't you, and I was like, erm no, about 10 years. He said he can't play around with other meds that he think would be useful because of the Sertraline. I'm going to just taper at my own rate. He will probably get the shits, but will try and do it over the next month I think. I have to go back and see him next week. Like I said, I would be more willing to do it quick if I didn't have kids, but I'm not willing to let them see me in the depths of despair when there is no need for it to be done like that. Plus I'm already at breaking point, so any added anxiety, dizziness, headaches, nausea etc I don't think I could cope with right now. He did say to me, oh just ignore the brain zaps and any other side effects, they won't hurt you. It is just your brain adjusting. Like HELLO the way you say it is like its a walk in the park. Anyhow, considering the shit day, I feel surprising calm. I'm really going to try and focus a lot more on the relaxation techniques to try and calm my anxiety because I'm starting to get sick of the pills already...easier said then done I'm sure. I feel all over the place. Last night I was sure I was going to end up in a & e because the anxiety was so bad and tonight I'm calm and relaxed. If only Valium wasn't addictive I would be fine. Although I'm starting to wonder if they aren't all addictive any way. C what's the difference between having to taper off Sertraline and Valium. One may be more dangerous, but they are both a taper and uncomftable anyhow. Glad your anxiety has been better the last couple of days. You can send some my way if you like. Bathe good days I mean, not the anxiety. Panic in the car really sucks, try distraction. If you have your dogs, maybe talk to them about you see outside the car and it might keep your mind off it or turn on the radio and concentrate on what they are saying. Have a good night with your puppies. I think I'm ready to hit the hay. Thanks again for listening and your advice. Xx

18-08-16, 22:27
I'm sorry you are having such a hard time but it's good you have calm periods in between.

Over Christmas and through January I had a bag packed for the hospital as things were so bad. I took myself in there twice in desperation as I was so ill when I tried sertraline and then citalopram (despite being fine on it before) and the anxiety was relentless 24/7, only sleeping about 4 hours a night. Was a horrible time and I never want to feel like that again!

I'm starting off the day absolutely shattered. Feel a wee bit anxious but just worn out as I'm still not getting enough sleep.

Also struggling for lack of things to do but still not well enough to commit to anything so it's a bit of a vicious circle. Planning to take the dogs across town for a bush walk (a nice change from the beach) but a bit hesitant as had quite a rough drive yesterday afternoon when coming home across town. Guess I just have to get on with it!

Have a look up about cross-tapering. That's what they often do with meds. Another member is starting a cross-taper from citalopram to venlafaxine, Debs I think.

12-09-16, 20:40
I 25 mg as needed during the day and 200 at night for sleep.