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22-08-16, 15:26
Doctor has just taken me off citalipram and put me on duloxetine , just wondered what to expect and if anyone has done this change .

Good story's please X X


23-08-16, 08:05
No good story's about this drug ????

24-08-16, 03:57
Sorry Tristan. I mentioned this sub-forum, but there seems to be almost no action on it (I hadn't checked before). My limited knowledge is that duloxetine can be good for anxiety.

24-08-16, 07:45
Looks like I'm going it alone in here X

24-08-16, 08:00
This boards been dead for ages, Tristan. I'm on Duloxetine but my experience hasn't been good so all I could tell you would be about how it works e.g. unlike Ven which can be used as a SSRI <150mg successfully, Duloxetine is started at 30mg as a taper to 60mg for GAD where it becomes a SNRI.

SNRI's can mean different side effects once you cross the norepinephrine threshold (60mg for Duloxetine, 150mg for Ven).

I suggest you have a look through the threads on the board. Since I've been here I have spoken to people who have had good experiences, bad experiences, horrendous side effects (like me) and people who had next to no side effects.

In the end I started talking to the Ven users on here with it being the same class of med. Duloxetine is much stronger in terms of sensitivity to epinephrine hence why it kicks in at 60mg, a lower dose when you look at Ven. Bare in mind also that with them working in Serotonin too, just because Ven kicks in at 150mg as a SNRI doesn't mean it may necessarily only provide the same level of Serotonin sensitivity as Duloxetine would when it kicks in at 60mg as a SNRI...I've never checked that part out but there is info out there about things like this.

27-08-16, 16:41
I am starting on 60

30-08-16, 19:27
First night and no sleep ��

04-09-16, 20:33
hi I am on duloxetine have been from thebeginning cant remember any side effects its been that long but its run its course now and dosent work I was also prescribed quetiapine for not sleeping but I wouldn't go on it again mademe so dopey nearly fell asleep in my cornflakes and couldn't come round I told my psychiatrist that I wanted to come off so began breaking in half then every other day and came off no problem and he was in agreement as he didn't put me on it it was adoc I saw before him and he said no wonder you came off. different meds affect peoplein different ways so what works for onedosent work for another trial and error, I goin docs this weekfor change of meds see how I go but I know of 3 people on sertraline and not one side effect between them and theyre all doin well on it

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just a thought perhaps we getso worked up a the thought of going on a new med that we bring the anxiety on and its that and not really side effects ime getting worked up at the thought of going on a new med so by the time I take it I shall probably be in a right state of anxiety, just a thought

05-09-16, 01:33
Hi Lotus! Just wondering how long you have been on Duloxetine for? I'm due to start it in the next week or two. I have been on Sertraline for about 10 years but it has stopped working, so am changing to Duloxetine. I found Sert to be very good. Had all the usual start up effects, but you get some with everything. I did find it very good for the time I was on it. Was on 100mg for most of that time. Good luck with the change over. Tracy

05-09-16, 08:10
I haven't tried Duloxetine, but I am going to be changing onto it soon. I found this research article. Maybe it will help anyone who is prescribed it. I prefer sometimes to read the research articles instead of the horror stories on google

05-09-16, 08:10
Article Attached

06-09-16, 18:26
Hiive been on duloxetine since the beginning 5 years but its run its course now hope new med will work don't know what it is yet

07-09-16, 19:58
hi been on duloxetine 5 years did its job but now run out of steam I suppose they all do at some point your body must get used to them hope I have success with new med fingers crossed

03-10-16, 19:00
I have been on duloxetine for 5 years and not had a problem with it don't even think I had side effects I went down to 30mgs then 20mgs trying to be brave and manage the anxiety myself but have been going through a big blip and not coping well with it so today doc has upped it back to 60mgs so I see how I go on it but for me it has been fine

08-10-16, 16:58
Just been upped to 120 ������

Must be broken

08-10-16, 17:25
You're not broken, different people just need different doses.
How are you finding it?

16-10-16, 19:19
Struggling but not been long