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Pretty kittay
04-09-16, 09:05
Has anyone tried Buspar and did it work? I'm scared to try a new med....

05-09-16, 10:16
Hi! I am on Buspar and let me tell you, so not be afraid of it! It's actually one of the most mildest anti-anxiety meds out there. Side effects are super rare or very little. When I first started taking it, I did feel a little light headed so I would take the med, then lie down for a bit and it helped a lot. That was my only side effect... Again very mild compared to what other people experience when on medication. It does help me but I take another med with it too because it's kinda weak on its own. What's the dose they want you to start with? They usually give such a low dose to start that any effect will be pretty minimal.

Pretty kittay
05-09-16, 14:46
Hi and thank you for the reply. 7.5mg twice a day. I'm not currently on meds besides a Xanax .25mg and I cut that in half when I need it. I was on Paxil 8 years then went right to lexapro for 7 years and tried Zoloft for two months now I'm off completely about a year. I have good days and bad days. I kinda have the everyday anxiety symptoms though worry, stomach ache and dizziness and some heart racing it's annoying... I did the genesite test and it came back those three meds I took go figure I technically wasn't supposed to take but how would the Dr know that you know. On my test it says I can take buspar I still might get side effects but not as bad. I'm just nervous because the lexapro towards the end of it pooping out on me messed with my heart that's why I'm not taking any of those meds. Buspar is an anti anxiety med not an antidepressant I have the script just haven't filled. I'm just so scared but at the same time I want to feel better and I don't want to rely on Xanax.

05-09-16, 15:19
I was prescribed the same dosage as needed. I've used it for some "scanxiety". I found it took the edge off beautifully and had no side effects for me. I can also start and stop without the ramp up and withdraw issues.

Positive thoughts

05-09-16, 17:20
I just started taking dont know if it is doing anything, but haven't had any real side effects.

Pretty kittay
06-09-16, 01:41
Aw thank you guys.... Yea I'm gonna try it I'm gonna wait till I'm at work go figure I'm in the medical field lol!! I give great advice and no my stuff to bad I can't do the same for myself ugh...

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Dale12345 keep me posted with the buspar as well..

06-09-16, 02:06
I will

06-09-16, 02:44
You were prescribed a really common starting dose .. I'm sure you will react to the med just fine. Remember that a little lightheadness is a totally normal side effect and most common one. I have never heard of anyone saying they reacted badly to buspar. My neighbor just turned 90 was even prescribed it and she told me that her doctor only prescribes buspar to the elderly instead of SSRI meds for anxiety because of its mild nature. So you have nothing to worry about .. I promise! :)

06-09-16, 11:27

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