View Full Version : Any one had an endoscopy??

08-09-16, 17:29
Hi there, I had an endoscopy on Tuesday, all fine thank goodness, however I am still really uncomfortable when I swallow, to the point I'm not eating because even swallowing drinks hurt.
I am now starting to get anxious that something had damaged me inside because I thought you only got soreness for 24 hours post procedure, I did have a couple of biopsys but it's now 48 hours and I'm v uncomfortable!!
Has any one else has this & how long befor the soreness stopped??
Thanks sarah

Ps no fevers etc

08-09-16, 17:53
It's normal. Mine lasted for five days. I had a nasal endoscopy. Some people have it for a couple of weeks.

Just eat mushy food and warm drinks (not too hot), and rest your voice.

08-09-16, 17:54
Yes I had one 2 years ago and I had a sore throat for a few days afterwords. The doctor should have told you that was a possibility, mine did. Anyways should be gone in a few.

08-09-16, 19:36

We have a whole sub-forum dedicated to this so I will move your post there and maybe reading the threads in it will help.

08-09-16, 20:16
Dr told me about sore throat, just not about sore swallowing

08-09-16, 21:35
My throat felt swollen for five days then disappeared. It's perfectly normal.

12-09-16, 14:04
yes much like when you weight lift your fine the day after then 3 days later your chest kills etc it will pass