View Full Version : getting mri done tomorrow- bigger scanner still edgy

16-09-16, 17:01
Hi there I am going to a bigger hospital tomorrow my dad is driving me to have an abdominal MRI the last time I tried it without sedation and i freaked out this time it is a bigger scanner known as an aera. So tonight I take 4 x 1mg lorezapam in the morning 2 and an hour before 4. So I am sure that will help. I phoned the dept and told them I was anxious and having premed. Anyone had one on the aera scan before, they are supposed to be bigger

16-09-16, 20:49
Hi Gorgie 1, I'm not familiar with the scanner you mention, i had an MRI of my head,neck and chest in the ordinary scanner, my first appointment got cancelled because I panicked so much , but I got through it the second time with the help of diazapam. Just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow.

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If it's a bigger scanner then that definitely sounds like it will be easier to have done.